About Me
By: Date: April 18, 2021 Categories: Life

I am Sumit Vyas. I love -> to cook, eat, share, care, travel, music, read and spend time with my family! Life has been a divine journey so far, full of mixed experiences! My life path has made one thing clear for me, that nothing lasts forever – both good or bad and one should try to develop the ability to accept impermanence. One another thing, I have learnt from my life and from dear father is that, if you want to get lucky work hard (also work smart) and fortune is for braves. I am glad that lot of people/mentors, I found in last 2 decades have certified this.

I have been contributing to ConnectedCar/Telematics domain for over a decade now and I am loving it. I am technology leader at Spireon inc. At work, my job is overall planning, deliver quality product, keep the team agile, code/design/architect and keep it simple.