Do you believe in Destiny? Rocky Does!
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Time was 11 PM – sometime late July 2020, I think? I was hanging out with one of my friends, at our regular spot. We were talking about the uncertainties, challenges and the fear this COVID 19 pandemic has brought in our lives, recollecting few people we knew, that had passed away due to COVID 19. Our attention was quickly drawn to 3 cute puppies just wandering and running on that road, “they would be ~2 weeks old”, I said. No sooner we went back to our discussion, we heard brakes screeching and next thing was whimper of one of the puppies, he was hit by a motor bike and his front left paw was severely injured.

We ran for help, few other folks stopped/gathered too and results was a usual scene – traffic jam! Someone picked up the puppy and let the biker leave to save him from peoples wrath 🙂 and he laid the puppy on a pavement and his next statement was, “he won’t make it, as his breathing turned shallow and he was loosing blood too fast.” We gave him some water, but puppy didn’t respond!! Slowly crowd started to move on and continue the run to no where.. 2 folks who stayed nearby, one dog lover who just happened to stop by, me and my friend were now left near the puppy. I recalled there were 3 puppies, and we began to search for other 2. We found them soon enough and made sure they don’t get into trouble like this one did.

Back to the injured puppy – I had a vets phone number and rang him, I told him that “I was on my way with a injured ~2 week old puppy”, but he wasn’t available as it was too late. But, he suggested to apply some turmeric on his injured paw to avoid any infection, and one of the person who stayed nearby quickly got it and we applied turmeric. Puppy was 20% conscious by now. Dog lover insisted that, he would take one of the other puppies with him, promised to take care as he already had couple of dogs. A car was stopped for a long time, watching all this and passenger from rear seat came out and picked up the third puppy and wanted to take the third puppy and look after him. Done! !

Now, me and my friend were the only people left with that injured puppy as others had left with no hope of his survival. However, we couldn’t leave the puppy, as he would definitely had died, if not due to accident injuries, he would have become dinner for ants and all kind of insects etc. I knew a vet shop nearby, but it almost 12 AM. Anyways, we took a chance and fortunately the shop was about to close but the shop owner was kind enough to accompany us to a shelter nearby where injured puppy was treated/medicated. The doctor treating the puppy said, “He will make it, he should be fine in few days.” As it was a shelter they had all kind dogs with severe diseases and stuff, so doctor wanted us to take the puppy and drop him the same place we found him. I was not comfortable about this as due to COVID 19, people stopped going out and that resulted in stray dogs going hungry, and puppy was still not fully conscious. It was too risky drop him somewhere. I requested puppy to be kept in the shelter for that night at least, and we all agreed.

Puppy getting treated at the shelter

Next day, I decided to keep and take care of the puppy – going against wife and mom as they are scared of dogs. Most important person in this project, who still does the most for Rocky is our watchman, Ankit. We named the puppy, “Rocky” (my fav movie). Though, I am a big fan of Cesar Millan (The dog whisperer), I was not sure how this will turn out as this was my first hand practical experience with a dog. But, as they say “where there is a will, there is a way”. Everything worked out. Rocky is still with us, fully recovered and he is rocking! All of us love him, though he never met his mother again (I had to deal with this emotion that I will be responsible for separating him from his mother), he has got a family and tons of friends. He has a diet composed of milk, yogurt, eggs, meat, fruit etc. most importantly he won’t let a stranger enter the premises. Sharing some pictures of the love and happiness he has sprinkled in our lives during this pandemic.

Best moment – when doc removed the bandage and this was the most memorable moment!

When I recall these chain of events, I can’t agree more that we are all children of our destiny. Two things we can control are our Karma and way we respond to the events that happen in life? If Rocky hadn’t met with that accident? he wouldn’t be with us today? His siblings may be doing well too with the dog lover and the person who approached from that car? The suffering that this event might have caused Rocky’s mother, when three of her puppies went missing suddenly? I was able to teach my kids some very important lessons – caring, all life matters, we are all 1 etc? Remember, I said that I went against my mom and wife – well wifey is still scared of Rocky but serves his food and moms day wont end without seeing Rocky? I was able to change their perspective, just a little at least.